The Bowel

KIRI CRAW’s body was never found.

Only three living people know the truth of what happened to her: JOSS HOLDEN, her jock boyfriend; IAN FANE, the spiritual fanatic incarcerated for her disappearance; and DEXTER CRAW, her mentally disturbed brother who furiously insists Joss’s testimony against Ian is a lie.

No one believes him.

But when Ian is released and Joss’s loved ones begin to die around him—systematically, brutally, mercilessly—the tables turn. Inundated by dark visions of the slayings and the morbid details of Dexter’s death, Joss looks past the accusatory fingers pointed at Ian to uncover a twisted, ritualistic realm of the occult in which Dexter had enveloped his poisoned mind. As the grisly death toll mounts, Joss and his friends find themselves trapped in a plague of supernatural vengeance, where the secret Joss has kept hidden for so long may be the only escape—a dark piece to this sadistic puzzle warded safely within the confines of a demonic tomb known as The Bowel.

The Cast: