With your support, and donations, We’ll be Providing A Platform, and hope for Independent Artists, by new

streaming platforms. By launching Shire Productions, Streaming TV and Radio Networks. We also care very much about diversity, in marketing, promoting and supporting people and artists from different cultures. Also helping the less fortunate, and charities. As well as striving to help, struggling economies. We are Affiliated with Time Warner, Comcast Cable, Direct TV, Bounce TV, Outfront Media and AMC Theatres. Therefore we’re able to Market our investors, partners, and ourselves at a discounted rate on programming. As well have The ability for Video Demand, on Time Warner and Comcast Cable,
and Direct TV. We’ll be able to be seen on Roku. Coming soon to Pluto TV.
We offer free mobile apps besides regular streaming, including: Apple, Android, Blackberry, Kindle and more! Thus we’ll
be global. We specialize in Daringly, Innovative, original programming. Including: Comedy( NorthSiders,A Sitcom created by
Ellery Alexis), Sports, Music, Drama, Dramedy, Action, Thriller, Horror(The Bowel), Animation, Reality, Soap Operas, Theatre, and more…..We also work with Non Profit Organizations and more…… Let’s make a difference together…….Shire Productions…….Daringly/Innovative.