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Shire Productions:  Cinema, Television, Music, Sports, Theatre, Modeling, The Arts and More……Daringly, Innovative!

Current Projects:  NorthSiders, Sitcom in Development.  Seeking Producer and Show Runner.  (See our Careers Page for Details)
The Ellery Alexis Show, Starring Ellery Alexis(Standup Streaming on XM Satellite Radio.)  The Insanity Improv of The Unpredictables.   Seeking Promotor and Producer for shows primarily @ The Ice House, and other Hollywood area venues.  And finding Cinematic Opportunities.    Also booking guest Improv, Sketch and Standup Comedians,  Singers, Musicians and Magicians for Future Ice House Shows!   With next Ice House Show July 22, 2015!
I Love.  An Innovative smashing Theatrical Production, Directed by Christopher Calvin Murphy.    Commencing June 2015 in Hollywood.  Seeking Producer. (See our Careers Page for Details)
The Bowel…..Teen Horror Feature.   In Development.   Seeking Producer. (See our Careers Page for Details)
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July 22nd 2015

This July, on Wednesday the 22nd, Shire Productions Presents:

The Ellery Alexis Show!

Starring  Ellery Alexis(Standup Streaming on XM Satellite Radio!)   Featuring the insanity of the Improv troop, The Unpredictables.  More acts will be joining as we get closer to this fun event!  For now, here are the details!

When: Wednesday, July 22, 2015,  7:30pm Sharp!

Where: The Ice House, Stage 2!

24 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena California.

More Details: Doors Open 7:00pm.   Admission $15, plus 2 Drinks Minimum (either alcoholic or non alcoholic depending on age).  Ages:  18 and up welcome.

Look forward to seeing you all there!  We’ll post exciting updates as they come in!

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