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Ellery AlexisActor | Comedian | Model | Screenwriter | Acting | Standup | Sketch and Improv Coach | Filmmaker | Athlete | Bodybuilder | Singer
Introducing: The “Ellman” Ellery Alexis, and Liz Giran, co-owners of Shire Productions,www.shire-productions.com. Daringly Innovative : Combining the raw talent of independent artists with new streaming platform!

Invest in our team, and be a part of our success.

Our team creates daringly innovative productions, using next level streaming platform. We specialize in Cinema, TV, Music, Sports, Theatre, The Arts, Modeling, and More!

The Ellman brings independent artists together and builds a team to access new stream platform. We do this by teaching, encouraging, and listening to the artists. As we take the team to the next level, we’ve become like family to each other! Together, we set goals and achieve success. We expect a lot from ourselves and each other, and as we gain success, we begin to trust each other, building a strong, dedicated team.

Ellery Alexis and Shire Productions providing new streaming platforms. Also exploring , and bringing life and hope to independent artists! We also Partner with Time Warner and Comcast Cable. Therefore we’re able to give our investors and partners a discounted rate on programming with ourselves and advertising with Time Warner and Comcast.

Shire Productions Streaming TV and Radio Networks are set to launch in 2020! With free apps for TV and Radio, we’re going to blanket The United States and The World!

Our vision is to bypass the huge production companies, that specialize in commercial artists. To provide ourselves, independent artists and partners a platform. Such as exposure on our Networks. Daringly programming, and possibly having a channel to on our Streaming TV or Radio Networks.

Projects in Development for the TV/Radio Networks:

Northsiders: A Sitcom whose focus, is no matter what the world thinks of you, you’re special the way you are! Including the bizarre, dysfunctional, young adults who must co-exist in Chicago. These young adults love The Chicago Cubs baseball team!

The Horror Feature, The Bowel: Kiri Craw’s body was never found. Only three living people know the truth of what happened to her; Joss Holden, her jock boyfriend, Ian Fane, the spiritual fanatic, incarcerated for her disappearance; and Dexter Craw, her mentally disturbed brother who furiously insists, Joss’ testimony against Ian is a lie. No One believes him. The Secret to this Dark, supernatural, sadistic puzzle is warded in the confines of A Demonic Tomb, known as The Bowel.

The Unpredictables: A daring, edgy comedy organization. Pushing The Envelope for Live and Cinematic Creation.

The Ellery Alexis show and it’s Bizarre Cast!

About the founder, Ellery Alexis:

•Actor •Comedian •Model •Screenwriter, Acting, Standup, Sketch and Improv Coach •Filmmaker •Athlete •Bodybuilder •Singer

His Modeling And Cinematic background range from: Fraternity Boy, College Jock, Extraterrestial, United States Football Player, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field. Big El has been The Leader of various Improv troupes, including The Unpredictables, and The Unlikely Strikes, in addition to various Sketch Comedy Troupes. Originally doing Musical Theatre and regular Theatre, in The United States and Europe. Ellery got his bare bones on Comedy, while studying with The Groundlings School of Improv. Also under the mentoring of Greg Dean, (Greg also mentored Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams.) for Standup. Additionally The Ellman was mentored by Paul Lander(Writer of various Sitcoms, and writes for various comedians.) The Ellman’s Standup has been Streaming on XM Satellite Radio. Big E’s Comedy Show, The Ellery Alexis Show. Among some of The Hollywood Clubs, his show has appeared: The Comedy Store, The Comedy Union, The Ice House and more…….Some of the guests that have appeared on his show: Kira Soltanovich(The Girl in The Photo Booth. On The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, and much more), Steve Mittleman, (The Tonight Show, Letterman, Comedy Central, and Cinema). Lastly, The Ellman is the creator, co-writer, and co-Lead of NorthSiders, a sitcom in development, as well as co-owner/Chief Executive Officer of Shire Productions, and owner of Ellecurve fitness.

The Ellman is Daringly innovative! Hosting and performing on The Ellery Alexis Show (Standup Streaming on XM Satellite Radio), consisting of unusual, and bizarre comedy plus more! Others are:

The Funk Improv and Sketch of The Unpredictables! The Spectacular Ventriloquism of Christine Barger and Friends!

Hypnotist Chuck Tyler!

Penetrating Vocalists: Roxxy Floyd and “The Babe!”.

Comedic Magician Matt Price!

Other Standups, including: Alycia Marie, Julian Booth,Ryan D, Ashley Messer, David Flick!

Thank you for your consideration, and We look forward to giving you a live performance , Daringly production or investing in Us!

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