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Advertising Rates

  •  $500 for each 30 second commercial spot to be placed on Video on-demand Programming.
  • $1,500 for Scheduled Streaming, 30 second commercial spot.
  • $3,000 for Scheduled Streaming Prime time, 30 second Commercial spot.
  • A Watermark is $300 per Video on-demand spot placement.
  • A Watermark is $600 per Scheduled Streaming spot placement.
  • $5,000 for all Live Streaming Commercial spots, 30 seconds per spot.
  • All Watermarks for Live Streaming are $1,000 per spot.
  • Banner Ads are $200 a month, to be displayed on Shire TV & Shire Radio.
  • Shire Productions original Commercials for a client are $15,000. (Film Crew, Talent, Marketing, Social Media, Editing, Branding).
  • Cost for advertising on Shire Jukebox and Shire Sports has not been deter-mined yet.

Contracts are for 3 months. The total number of spots is combined over a 3 month period, providing the total value for each contract.


One (30 second) primetime spot / day (scheduled streaming) = $270,900 / 3 month contract


One watermark (scheduled streaming) spot / day = $54,180 / 3 month con-tract

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